By Cathrynnader on 5th December

Gambling is not always a game of chance. Yes, there is a great deal of luck involved, but the smart players know that you create your own luck. How else do you imagine people are able to make a living from poker or roulette, for example? There has to be a roadmap out there somewhere, and today we will try and point you in the right direction.


The wheel can be beaten. It has been done before, and it can be done again. However, you will not beat the wheel using the strategies sold in every book shop in front of a casino. Forget the mathematical formulae and games of chance. The casinos know the math better than anyone else. For roulette, the strategy is in the physics. This is a wheel that is governed by physics. Bet small amounts and learn its bias. You could use a computer with specific software to help you analyse the motion, but it is likely that if you get caught they’ll throw you out. Use the eye and learn. That’s it.


Blackjack is much harder to master. If you don’t like memorizing strategies, blackjack might not be the game for you. Just remember that blackjack is about beating the dealer, but don’t be so hard that he drops out. Tricky and confusing but that’s it.


Poker can make you a millionaire. Of the three strategy games discussed, poker requires the most patience and presence of mind. If you get emotional, you will lose. Poker is like a long-term project. To master this game you will need, among other things, to have a coach. Learn under someone. Study your weaknesses. You can win at strategy games, but you will have to learn and start from a place of humility. This is possible, but only for those strong enough to accept help.