By Cathrynnader on 4th December

Poker and chess; as different as chalk and cheese you may think. But the iconic card game and board game do share one common element; something that starts with an ‘s’ – Strategy.

All about Strategy

Neither game can be won without an element of planning. Your next move could very well decide whether you win or lose, hence the need for strategy. And that cannot happen without first gaining some insight into the game. This is one reason why poker stands apart from other card games, having achieved a status of its own. You need more than just dumb luck to win a round.

Information is Key

You probably know that you need to strategize, but did you know that information is what drives the strategy forward? Take chess, for instance. A player needs to learn the various moves a chess piece can make before even formulating a plan. The same holds true for poker. There are certain ground rules that will serve you well, and with which you will need to be familiar. It may feel like a bit of a bore, but think of it as a stepping stone to chalking up one win after another. After all, who wouldn’t like to show off their poker skills to their friends, family or even an online group of players.

Keep Calm and Carry On

It is not an exaggeration to say that there is a deluge of information out there, especially online. The question then is what and whom do you follow. One tip is to pick the brains of any friend who plays poker. They could be an office colleague or a bowling mate, for instance. Now, this is for those who are starting out. For the more experienced players, we recommend the loose-aggressive poker strategy (LAG). Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the trick is to keep playing and keep sharpening your strategies.