By Cathrynnader on 17th November

As with any game, or any skill, poker is something that you can get better at with practice. If you’re a novice, or even a high roller, here are some tips to get you up to the next level of Texas Hold’em poker.

Get To Grips with the Rules

First things first, for novices, it’s important to understand the rules of Texas Hold’em. It’s a good idea to pick a four-colour deck option if you can, especially if you’re playing online. This is to avoid the possibility of confusing one suit for another, which can definitely happen in the frantic pace of an online game. It only takes a few clicks on the Internet for you to brush up fully on the rules, so save yourself potential embarrassment and financial losses now by taking a little time to fully become familiar with the rules before you dive in. This way, you’ll also know if you have a good hand or bad hand.

Having a Good Hand

Although learning the rules will give you some idea if you have a good hand, you will only really learn when you start playing on a regular basis. If your cards are less than 10, then it’s probably advisable to fold. Being patient is the key; the good hands will eventually come. Indeed, in any poker strategy, patience is the key.


Even if you’re an experienced Texas Hold’em player, it can be very easy to get excited when playing Texas Hold’em and go all in with a great looking hand when does it comes around. However, seasoned players will tell you it’s advisable often to be patient and wait for higher value cards. This way, you’ll be more likely to reap in bigger profits in the long term. It’s probably also advisable to avoid bluffing initially, until you become more of an experienced player. Best of luck!