By Cathrynnader on 1st September

It is not every day that we get to see a rising star in action. We always hear about the accomplishments of our greatest prodigies after they have achieved whatever it was that they were good at, and these revelations tend to come in the form of a book or a movie that outlines their road to success.

Awonder Liang

Luckily for us, we currently have the opportunity to write our own story of the child chess star that is currently rising to the top. Awonder Liang is an amazing young player who is considered by many to be a Grandmaster at the game.

The Youngest Grandmaster

FIDE has provided proof in writing that the young, 14-year-old player is, in fact, a registered Grandmaster and that makes him the youngest Grandmaster in the world today. Hollywood! Where are you when we need you?Liang is in line to become the youngest player to ever attend and win at the World Championships where he will go up against some of the best players in the world. If he wins in the upcoming competitions, for example, he will be the youngest Grandmaster to beat top tier players in an international championship ever. That is both incredible and exciting and we can’t wait to see how it turns out for him.

The Road to Success

On his road to success, Liang has already beaten several masters and other Grandmasters in competitions around the world. When he was eight years old, he beat Daniel Fernandez who was a U.S. Champion, when he was nine years old he defeated the Grandmaster Larry Kaufman, and there have been many others who have had the pleasure of seeing this young player in action.It is hard to know what it is exactly that drives this young player to be the best. Clearly, he knows the game very well and can predict what other players are going to do with a natural and almost inhuman perception, but what is more fascinating is the depth of focus that the young player maintains on the board. Liang rarely looks up from the board when he is playing and when he does; he is looking at the other player. It will be very exciting to see if Liang is on target to be the best player in the world.